Drawing dicks on The Herald Sun – juvenile doodling gets serious

Most of us wouldn’t have made it through high school without being exposed to at least one hastily scribbled depiction of a penis and testicles, more commonly known as a ‘cock-n-balls’ drawing. In fact, I may have even


Image courtesy of slender volume

been the artist (or perpetrator) behind one or two of these artworks. For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, see the image to the right.

This is a fairly simply one, with more detailed drawings perhaps showing some hair and the meatus, or in attempt to be more shocking, some drops to depict some sort of spurting. But that was usually where the detail ended.

The more creative amongst us would sometimes find newspaper or magazine and draw our dicks on celebrities or polititians. Now this particular form of the art has been taken to a whole new level.

Recently a friend shared an image from the facebook page Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun. The first remarkable thing about this page is that it has over 224,000 likes. Not bad for a page started in September 2012. The second is the exquisite detail and creativity shown in the images of, well, as the page title suggests, dicks drawn on The Herald Sun newspaper.

For example, the recent Kevin Rudd leadership spill that wasn’t inspired a different kind of ‘spill’. kevin rudd leadership spill of a different kind

It’s not just Aussie polititians who get this treatment. Sports stars provide good opportunities for doodling, even from many years ago. Take this example from the Australian cricket team’s dressing room. Is this really what goes on in post match celebrations?


It’s not all just juvenile fun. There is often the opportunity to make a political or social statement, and the John Howard/Tony Abbott gay marriage picture is probably the best example of this genre. Check it out at the facebook page, before this and other potentially offensive images are taken down.

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