Average Australian penis size: what is it, and does anybody care?

In this land where big things seem to be revered (eg. big pineapple, banana, prawn, ad infinitum), how do Australian men stack up when it comes to penis size? What is the average penis size for Aussie men, and how does this compare to other countries?

measuring penis size“Does anyone even care?” seems to be the most socially acceptable response to these questions. But although most Australian men and women will often say they don’t care, it doesn’t take much digging around to get the feeling that to some extent, we do.

Just looking at the number of traction or pump growth devices available on the market and the huge number of website pages on the topic will give you some indication of what a hot topic this is. But don’t worry about attempting to read through them all because I’ve done that for you, and can give you the 10 second summary:

1. Most guys seem to be curious enough to get the tape measure out at one point.

2. It is almost always guys who ask the question.

3. Most brief responses from girls will say they don’t care.

4. Most detailed responses from girls will say anything from slightly under to slightly over average is just fine.

5. Guys confirm that they ‘whip it out’ and compare with their friends only as often as the girls have pillow fights with their friends dressed only in sexy underwear.

So now that we have established that it’s not really important, let’s have a look at the various studies that have been done on the penis size, both length and girth, of Australian men.

The most recent study was by Smith et. al. which found that the average erect length of the Australian man was 15.71cm with a circumference of 13.2cm. Ansell condoms (page no longer available – archived version) provides further details on this study and also compares the results to other studies from around the world.

An earlier study by Richters et. al. in 1995 found the average penis length for Australian (specifically, Sydney) men was 16.0cm. Interestingly it found that the circumcised men in this study were on average 5% (0.8cm) shorter than the uncircumcised (or intact) men. The theory is that the lack of skin in circumcised men effectively tethers the penis to the body, restricting it from extending to its full potential. For circumcised men who are concerned about this, anecdotal evidence suggests that foreskin restoration can reverse this effect.

The final survey comes in the form of the world penis size map, which while disputed by some Australian sources, shows Australians with a penis size of just 13.31cm. Personally, I’d be happy to not question this at all and believe that I am actually well above the average of my fellow country-men, rather than just the average as suggested by other surveys.

In response, we have created our own world map of average penis sizes. This new map uses the third-party measurement from the Smith et. al. study mentioned earlier, setting the average penis length of the Australian man at 15.71cm.

Not that it matters to me. Because it’s not important, and nobody cares, right? But if you do care, you might want to check out on post on the top eight tips for making your penis larger (or at least how to not make it any smaller).

Image courtesy of Carlos Porto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

30 thoughts on “Average Australian penis size: what is it, and does anybody care?

  1. Daniel says:

    I am a young man and I am so far sexually inactive, however my penis is 19.5 cm in length. is that too big compared to the national average in the eyes of women?

    • laura says:

      My ex partner was 21cm and that wasn’t too extremely big. I think anything 25cm is scary and it’s all to do with the width if it’s too big or not, length isn’t important. If a penis is too thick you can’t do anything with it.

      • AY says:

        Laura mine is 7.25 inches in length and 6 inches in girth. As a woman don’t you think the girth is mor important to get the sensations. My current partner is 40 and she tells me that the sensations she gets she has never experienced before. For the first time she has become a multiple squirted.

  2. stiff one lol says:

    bosn nationality is french/German And we’ll endowed length and girth. Don’t be one of those guys that are worried about being bigger than average. I find it to be a curse more than something to celebrate. Most women are worried that the size will ruin them for anyone in the future if things don’t work out between you and that girl. even with the girls that are not. Most won’t let you use your whole manhood. I find most of my women partners will only let me use half. And that’s disappointing on my end. She happy and for her that’s a full strokes but for me I feel unfulfilled and as for the women who do let me use my full potential. No one can make them happy because they have used much exaggerated toys.. so what can I possibly do so that we’re both happy?

  3. larger than your average man XD says:

    Hi just for a bit of fun i though that i would flop it out and measure it and it turns out im larger than what i had thought i am above average i am 18.7cm long and now have a higher self esteem and ladies look out haha 😉

  4. Kai says:

    Im an AUS male and i am 22 cm long at full flight if i haven’t had sex in a while and usually about 20 cm if I’m sexually active constantly and the mates that i have are around about the same as me. Some a cm or so shorter and other a cm or so longer. The reason i know is because i have had multiple group sex sessions with girls and friends and have been in situations where we were young and measured our selves. I first reached 20 cm in high school and I’m not a man child. Im 6foot3 inch so I’m tall but my mates are about 5’11 on average and are close to the same length as me.
    The amount of boys I’m speaking of i would say there is about 8 of us that i have seen. I have only ever seen one abnormally small dick on an AUS mate of mine and he was only about 5inches compared to us and we all usually ranged about 7-8 inches when we measured.

    • Shane says:

      Are you black or a porn star 22cm is almost 9inches dude that is in heard of from a aussie bloke, Don’t lie on the Internet it makes the average guys look small lol

  5. jamie says:

    I’m A 19 year old guy and believe I am above average both from reactions and estimat, though how do I accurately measure my length? I have had a quick look, and there is all different ways, do I measure from tip to scrotum, above the shaft or one place said measure by pressing one end against the pubic bone at the base of the shaft… Any way accurate or is there a correct way to go about it?

  6. RangaAussie says:

    Yeh young bloke here I’m about 19.5cm at full and about 6 inch thick. Girls is that a good amount just an anonymous opinion

  7. Zuzi says:

    Sadly it s a shame to lie on internet guys, or you just measure from the ball, if so even an asian guy can reach 18-20cm lolz

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  9. Will smith will smith says:

    6 inch thick is a crock plus considering we are aparently in australia im suprised at the amount of people using imperial inches

  10. tronky says:

    i am 3.5 inches and tiny. no girl wants to have sex with me after the first time. its not good but there is only 0.02% of guys like me or smaller. thats still 140,000 people in my state with the same problem. comforting to know im not the only one with a too small penis to satisfy women.

    • john says:

      what about your grith size.is that advarage?iam sure these a girl that will have sex with you.3.5 inches in lengh is said to be enough to satasfie female.a womens vigina is only 3.5 inches in depth..my lengh is 5 inch long but only 4 inches in grith and its so tiny many girls prefer grith rather then lengh.

  11. Dale says:

    I’m 20cm, most of my mates are around the same give or take a few cm (except for donkey dick Daryl @ 27 cm lol) It’s funny how different ladies perceive size, what’s huge to some is just average to others, generally though most ladies have said I’m on the larger side of the equation

  12. The oral king says:

    The last time i measured my tool was at the end of highschool and i reached 17.3 cms.. i have been told multiple times my cock is “nice and thick” and that that is actually more important than length.. didn’t stop me worrying about it for most of my 20’s.. now i am closer to 40 i really do not care and that will happen for you boys in time too. My advice is, learn how to please a woman with your tongue and fingers!! After she reaches orgasm that way everything else is just a bonus for her anyway 😎

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