AMI oral strips and nasal sprays: do they actually work?

If you have been up past your bedtime you have probably been exposed to some television advertisements for Advanced Medical Institute’s (AMI)  nasal sprays and more recently, oral strips. In addition to the commercials, AMI has also been a prolific advertiser through billboards, both the stationary roadside variety and the mobile variety towed through the streets by motor scooters. AMI oral strips do they work?Most use themes such as ‘want longer lasting sex’ or ‘more sex’ and ‘oral strip to last longer making love’. While action has been taken against the company, claiming that the advertising is offensive, I’ve found them only slightly embarressing, especially when confronted with them while in the company of my mother. Many other Australian men may only be concerned with whether the oral strips and nasal spray technologies actually work.

The ubiquity of the advertising provides the first clue in determining the effectiveness of AMI’s products. If the products did work, would they need to advertise them so much? In this age news of a product that really does work can spread very quickly through social media. And in the case of a medical product, wouldn’t it be sold through recommendations from doctors? Or perhaps the intimate nature of the problem AMI is claiming to fix is one which customers are are not comfortable disclosing on social media.

Which leads me to the question of what problem does AMI claim to fix with these oral strips and nasal sprays? Remarkably AMI’s website claims that their oral strip product treats both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, cleverly expanding their target market to include a broad age group of Australian men. Putting this through ‘common sense’ test, you would have to ask if it plausible that their active ingredient would successfully treat a man who suffers from premature ejaculation (possibly caused by too much excitement, responsiveness and sensitivity) as well as erectile dysfunction (possibly caused by a lack of responsiveness and sensitivity)? While acknowledging that there are multiple, varied and complex causes of both issues, it seems unlikely to me that the one product could improve conditions that are at the opposite ends of the spectrum of male sexual performance.

Another thing to note from their website is that there are no claims of ‘fixing’ or ‘curing’ either of these conditions, only the ‘treatment’ of the conditions – a more ambiguous term that I’m sure was carefully chosen to help protect them from ACCC scrutiny.

Another question to ask is whether they they trying to fix a problem that doesn’t actually exist. Medical history is filled with examples of the medical world creating a problem in the minds of patients and then selling the ‘remedy’. Is this just another example? While there is an argument that erectile dysfunction is largely a natural part of the natural aging process, it is understandable that many men may want some help to retain their youthful virility. So perhaps addressing this issue is validly meeting a pre-existing market, even though blood thinning drugs such as Viagra would seem to have an established track record. But with regards to premature ejaculation, why would finishing in a timely manner be bad from an evolutionary standpoint? Could it perhaps be an advantage by giving you the opportunity and energy to procreate more frequently, with more partners?

AMI’s advertising relies on making men feel inadequate, by showing the disappointment from female partners who are supposedly left unsatisfied from their partner finishing ‘too early’. From my experience, most women need manual stimulation to finish off anyway, so except in severe cases, lasting longer is not necessarily an advantage. I am yet to meet or or even hear of a woman who enjoys endless banging away.

I can’t find any evidence to suggest that AMI’s oral strip actually works in successfully treating any of the real or ‘created’ issues it claims to treat. In fairness to the company, I also haven’t found any evidence that it doesn’t work, apart from my own suspicions and looking at their products with a common sense perspetive. My personal conclusion is that the best approach it to satisfy your partner with what you have, using any mutually loving methods you can think of, rather than allowing a company such as AMI to artificially create insecurities in your own mind.

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40 thoughts on “AMI oral strips and nasal sprays: do they actually work?

    • Tommy says:

      Hi Kenny ive had prostate surgery and have taken Cialis which worked to a certain degree but the strips which have changed now to a little gum tab gives me a 90-100 percent erection it really works for me good luck mate hope if you try it that it works for you

  1. tony says:

    Hello, Mi name is Tony. I bought the Oral Strips due a PE problem and it did not work at all. It is a total scam. They play with the fact that PE is a problem most men will not discuss with anybody which makes it really difficult to overcome. AMI offers a “solution” to this problem with a product that has multiple side effects (headaches, hangover sensation, horrible taste in the mouth) and the fact that it makes you plan the sexual encounter with your partner to the point that you have to take the medicine 30 minutes before (which, in my case, never worked as me and my parkner dont really plan on having sex, it just happens when we both feel like). To summarize, I bought the product and got told there was a refund policy and when talked them back to claim it the operator laught on the phone about that “non-exiting” refund policy. Please, if this is going to be read by ay men, DONT BUY THE ORAL STRIPS, THEY DO NOT WORK. PE can be treated by a phsyology because, most of the time, its a non-existing problem which gets worse as ine thinks it cant be solved. I can I am overcoming the PE problem by meditation, exercising, good comunication with my girlfriend and a bit of patience.

    • stanley sirgutz says:

      thanks for feedback,i have shoe boxes filled with products that did not work,fat burners,energy boosters libido enhancers etc,lots of dangerous caffeine

  2. Jane says:

    I did research and found they have no problems breaking laws in Australia. Why would we want them here in America? This also leads one to believe their products aren’t witty the time it took too watch the commercial. Thank you Tony for speaking out. Men not talking about leaves con artists out there ripping off the already down and out. My husband will never try this after what I have seen on the web.

  3. Not a happy Woman says:

    I resent your comment about womeb have to finish themselves off! The only way I can get off is from penetration, either fingers or, yes, a good, hard pounding. For goodness sakes.

    • 50 Shades of Disappointment says:

      Amen! I’m one of those women that enjoy long lasting sex and a “good pounding”. But my husband suffers from PE we’ll find something but I definitely won’t try this product after reading the reviews.

  4. Sexless and Happy says:

    I just a woman who wants noting to do with sex period and only puts up with it so my hubby of 26 yrs will quick nagging me for it. I had a medical procedure go wrong and it totally wipe out my sex drive. My hubby suffers from high blood pressure and now suffers from ED. I have tried products to try to help my issue at his request, but I am not asking him get the help. He just feels like if he reformed better maybe I would be more interested. He ask me to look at this product and I glad for the reviews about it did not work. So now he will not waste money on buying it.

  5. JustEnjoy says:

    Scientifically, PE is the normal phenomenon not the other way around. If you do come late that means you have issues, that is my doctorate knowledge. But industry for the sake of money has made this dirty joke in the society. Agree with meditation, better food, no strong mints and good communication helps both enjoy those moments, regardless of duration.

  6. Mark says:

    I personally suffer from performance anxiety which is related to ED it is all psychological. I went to them and they offered me the spray. The doctor never checked my blood preasure never cheched my penis to see if it was a physical issue or not. Just spoke to me, wrote a script then took me into the buying room. A lady them showed me plans and it is a long term contract over 3years worth $1000 plus. They then bill you and take money off you every month. However you must remember to call and place your order each month or not get the product. I tried to cancel and had a finace guy try to make me pay it all out. After 2 months I paid a small $250 amount to get out. I still did not see any extra product for the money.

    And did it work? Nope not for me. Tried for 3 months nothing improved – just a horrible nose spray.

    • Rav4 says:

      I have had the same experience with AMI in 2006= they have not improved their modus operandi it seems. You are lucky to get away having paid$250 I was” trapped’ contractually and paid the full
      $2500 for one year subscription but got nothing more than the first supply of nasal spray and on making demands followed by a horrible tasting and absolutely useless pack of lozenges.
      Don’t be fooled. Enjoy life. Relax be honest with your intentions_ your PEa and ED will sort itself out as I have experienced. Best wishes.

  7. GR8 CREW says:

    ABSOLUTLY TRUE!!! If the nasal spray works, with today’s social medias, the result will sprayed like fire, AMI doesn’t have to spend lots of money to advertise their products and also charge a large sum of money upfront for their products, I wasted $1300 paid upfront for a 6 months treatment, headache, bleed nose, dry throat, bad taste in mouth, that’s all I got from the spray, when I demand for a refund, they make it so difficult and have a lot of excuses plus put me on hold over the phone for long time, finally I just gave up, after about 8 month, they call me to offer me a new product and they have a new management now, their offer will cost me $800 due to I was a previous customer, well , I ask him to send me a small amount of sample for me to try, if it works , I will pay the $800 hahah guess what, No sample, No response, No phone call……..
    Please don’t waste your money for AMI products, just take a minute to think about it, if the spray works, there will be a very high demand for the medication, the customers have to wait in lineand pay for the medication, they don’t need to charge you a large amount of money to lock you in to their contract, I already wasted $1300, hope my comments here will make you think twice before forking out your hard earned CASH!!!

  8. Fred says:

    Well I want to thank you for letting me know ahead of time..I’m sure that I do not want to spend my money..once again thank sounds to good to be truth..

    Guys if you really want to have good sex go see your doctor to proscribed you ciales 36 hour pill it is great..

    Ciales try it ..I’m a user..

  9. John Stanton says:

    Just saw the commercial and was ready to order the AMI product when I came across the reviews, I want to thank each of you for enlightening me about this product scam

  10. John says:

    I have just come off the phone to some pushy sales guy from god knows where. I had a chat with a non english speaking so called doctor or should I say I listened to a woman reading some pre written blurb. When I told him that I wanted to speak to my long term wife he got all pushy and short with me, I told him to call me after the weekend, his reply was “Ill tell you what if you are interested you call us” then he hung up on me.
    Thank god I never went ahead with it, I like to research these things, glad I did and Thanks for your comments, the stress of wasting all that money on top of the PE is not conducive of a great sex life!!!

  11. Jay says:

    Hey every one, I did suffer from PE so I contacted AMI, spoke to the dr. On phone for 10,15 mins and he Advice me that there will be side effect which he said was normal, I decided to give one try. I have to say that it is absolutely scam and waste of money and time, evey month I used pay AD$ 190.00 and all they send me was an envelop with a packet of 5 strip in it. Taste is horrible, Side effect is the worse,I used to get masive headache, felt like vomiting and felt dizzy all day each time i use to take it. I couldn’t take it anymore so i decided to cancel the contract. I end up paying $300.00 just to cancel it.

    If anyone out there is thinking to u it plz guyz don’t , i wasted $1000.00 in 2 months time. Total wanted and rubbish product. And Ya it never worked for me, I didn’t last more than 1 min !!!

  12. Nat says:

    Hi, my husband and I, called AMI and spoke to an excessive pushy sales man, who was a bit of a prick to be honest, tried to take out $2600 out of our credit card, which he couldn’t then tried $1500, then $500, the finally $200 which he took. This all happened in the space to 2 min, he didn’t even ask just tried to take the money out. By the end of the phone call we decided that the cost was too much considering a our doctor had given us a Prescription for $16 per month that has been proven to work for most people. So my husband said no he didn’t want it, but the guy on the phone said the money had already been taken out and the product dispatched and he couldn’t cancel it. I then called our bank and cancelled my credit card, that’s when we found out how much money they had tried to take out of the account. The next day we called them and wanted to send the product back which had arrived, they refused and said u can’t get a refund, and the product can’t be sold on to someone else because it was made specifically for my husband, well if anyone says that to anyone reading this “it is a lie”, I am a Dr and unless they have taken your bloods there is no medication that is ever made for just one person. Please do not order from these please go to a urologist and get a Profession to check you out. They can help AMI just want your money.

      • Angela says:

        I thought the same thing Mark! No Dr. I know would ever even call such a scam commercial! And I like the get your bloods test! with an s on the end! Also if a Dr. he would not advertise something so stupid of giving his credit card to a commercial scam! Stands for Dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • E.T. says:

      What prescription did your Doctor provide you with….I am interested….Thank You…I have not ben taken by these guys yet!!!!

    • Lydia says:

      You sure don’t sound like a doctor. And if you were a doctor you would have already known this stuff didn’t work. You sound more fishy than these people trying to sell this crap. Sorry, just my opinion. Lydia

  13. Greeneyes says:

    I have just seen the commercial, and with any products these days you are able to do a product research on a computer. I was considering purchasing AMiLonger,, after watching the tv ad.. ON-u will never guess. ( TruTv)
    I have three bottles of Zytentz I purchased three weeks ago. that Has never worked. These products are all scams. I will never purchase anything on TV without going online first. and checking out the comments. and yes I’m a driver so I’m allowed to misspell my words. lol… There is a product on the market that has great reviews and can assist with ED and prolong sex in males.
    I have purchased the Penis pump and I’m very please with the results.

  14. Derrick says:

    Everyone wants the “wonder drug”. I had an accident, I’ve had multiple surgeries, and have chronic pain issues for about 18 years now. One of the main side effects through chronic pain and multiple medications are DE problems. Don’t mess with the new stuff the big hype and all that junk! just go to the good standbys Viagra and Cialis. You can go to the sites in India to get it cheaper, Viagra’s working ingredient is “Sildenafil”, Cialis’s working ingredient is “Tadalafil”. Viagra stays in your system for about for five hours so yeah, that is definitely a planned event. The generic Cialis stays in your system for about 24 to 36 hours, I’ve been married for 29 years, so we tend to have lots of interruptions from five children, so sometimes the 4 to 5 hour timer quickly clicks down, so the generic Cialis is what I usually use and it works wonderful. I do get headaches and occasional stuffy nose, but they go away quickly afterwards. My wife asked me if it’s worth it?, completely! I don’t endorse anyone, I just googled the generic names and go to the cheapest site, I’ve ordered four or five times, and have never been ripped off! receive the product usually in a week! always less than two. I forget actual costs, but I think you can get about 100 Cialis for around $200-$250, a lot cheaper than all this crap that doesn’t work! Good luck guys… And gals!

  15. Cessna says:

    Hey guys, I am 48 yrs old and as you may guess some times I unload way sooner than I did just a couple of years ago. But to my point 1 If the price is not shown be skeptical. 2 Be sure there is no fine print saying products will automatically be sent each month. 3 If possible and you are sure a certain product ls what you want, try to order over the Internet because I got ripped off trying to order over the phone. Because they get your card number first ( a computer ) then it want let you cancel after it adds things you didn’t want ! Even after I hung up on it the order went through .tried to cancel multiple time but nothing.Finally had to close that account to keep them from getting more of my money. 4 And finally , If it sounds to good to be true , It probably is. But let’s all keep looking and if the magic cure is found , Let’s post it for all to know. And put these scam artist out of business! !

  16. Veronica says:

    While I agree that this product is false medicine, I find it alarming that the writer of this post is confused with regards to two very real disorders which afflict men worldwide. While age may cause a decrease in stamina, meaning the the ability to sustain physical effort, it does not degenerate the function of the penis. Men, (and women,) please take a look at the foods you eat and the cosmetics you put on your skin. Stripped, processed and chemically preserved foods grown in poisoned soil, and chemical lotions, colones and antiperspirants poison us daily. Also be aware that pharmaceuticals make the body toxic, cumulatively. A natural and holistic lifestyle is easy and promotes all over physical health and healing. This facilitates stress management and emotional health which will help with those whose dysfunctional issues are psychosomatic.

    Addressing a specific set of statements in the post, I am unsure how the writer has experienced “most women”, but I feel sorry for his sexual partner. Many women ARE frustrated from lack of sexual satisfaction because their partner is unable to either perform/sustain, or is ignorant/insensitive to his woman’s sexuality. With the exception of women who suffer from malady of injury, we do enjoy lengthy intimate sessions. We have multiple ejaculatory orgasms. Manual and oral stimulation, while enjoyable, is not necessary for orgasm as the structure or the clitoris is accessible internally as well as externally.

  17. Lena says:

    If this first came out in Australia and so many people got ripped off, why is this business still running? And why are people from other countries trying to buy it still? How us it legal for them to charge you if you did not want it or add things to your bill that you didnt even order? Can’t something be done? If it wont work for just one person to report their awful experience with this company, everyone should do it at once. If not to get your money back atleast to make sure these scums dont take $200-$1000+ from anyone else.

  18. Mr Hope says:

    AMI use very small levels of anti-depressants in their strips and sprays. This is known to anyone who has asked the right questions at a meeting with them.They do not work. They are taking chemicals/drugs which were designed for one illness and utilizing it for one of it’s SIDE AFFECTS as a solution. Matny men who use anti depressants will notice how it effects them when they cum.

    So why all this? Because it’s all psychological. The studies on the brain and axiety have shown clear connections to PE. There’s a reasson that it’s possible for a female to rape a male. There’s a reason that it was a known fact that when men in war, who wereabout to head into battle, they commonly had hard ons. Most of the time anyone who suffered instances of PE has also had their moments where it took forever to orgasm as well. Neither is that much fun. Having the choice is what’s important.

    I can’t stress enough how important your regular health, wellbeing and diet is.Performing well during sex is so much about the right concentration balanced with enjoying yourself. It’s like performing well in a sport. You have to do know what your body is capable of and listen to it’s reponses. Is your breathing getting heavy? Is your prostate/buttocks starting to tense? Paying attention to reactions leading to cumming allows you to make adjustments and realise what needs to be done. Just changing back to deep slow breaths ALONE can give you another 5 minutes. Relaxing your muscles also another few minutes.

    The biggest mistake all men make when they are getting close to cumming is trying to not think about cumming. Yes that’s right. There are strong studies on numerous different things which show that AVOIDING thinking about something creates reactions in the brain which have the adverse affects you don’t desire. Very similiar to laying in bed and continously thinking about not being able to fall asleep. Ever had a racing mind? And thought…”no i must not let myself think about all these things or i’ll stay awake”. Go on google and reasearch how infact continuing to think about your bills or that project that’s due will ultimately allow you to fall asleep. Or do research on pain and the reactions that take place when trying not to think about pain is worse than concentrating on the pain itself.

    I’m someone who understands things when I research and learn but i’m poor at explaining it again but the hard evidence is out there. Back to my “sport” analogy. Practice makes perfect. Contacting someone like AMI is like taking a steroid. Address the issue. Address the stress and anxiety in your life.

    Also until you have your PE under control is helps to be in sexual positions where you are in control like missionary. It’s a lot more difficult to get better at the control if your partner is the one doing the moving. Also I recommend edging. What’s edging? Practice getting close to cumming and don’t cum. This does NOT mean slow down and build up again so that you cum harder. It means stop cold as if you had sex and it’s finished. This helps you re-tune/re-train your brain into focusing on the pleasure and sensation of having sex rather than the end result. It also helps with what I mentioned before about paying close attention to how your body reacts during different stages. Also it’s good to work out your pubic bone muscle with basic tenses.

    You think you lasted longer in your earlier years because of younger age? I put my money on the fact that you had less worries and now you’re older you have responsibilities and issues in life. Lots of stress. Lots of anxiety. Obviously i’m not trying to throw a blanket on everyone but these kinds of things I’ve been talking about will help a lot of you.

    Look i get it you’re upset because you wanted to rock your partners world but it doesn’t last long (i’ll touch on this further down). Ask yourself….are they still with you? If not, lucky you because they weren’t worth it. If so….it means the few mins (or even few seconds) you’re lasting must be of a pretty damn high quality so now you just need to expand on that. If it’s not….then everything else about you is high quality. And it’s a lot harder to change your personality than how long you last in bed. So either way you will be just fine.

    It literally is upto you to do something to fix it. And not take the easy shortcuts.

    I stand by the classic saying…insanity is doing the same thing everyday but expecting a different result.

    You wont achieve a lot though if you don’t work on poor health and a poor diet. You don’t expect your car to run smoothly without tread on the tyres, the right fuel or proper servicing do you?

    Also for all you men watch a lot of porn an have a misconception that you must be able to go full throttle non stop for 30-60mins…..I recommend you watch “the making of a porno” to undestand all the editing, cutting and substances used.

    And don’t be concerned with all these women talking about how their needs are all that’s important and how they must have long hard sessions all the time to be satifsfied. This is like losing weight to make someone like you. No. You do it for YOU to be happy first. The rest follows.

    What it boils down to, is you finding the control you want and are happy with. It’s about Having the CHOICE in how long you want to last.

    When you can make yourself happy then you can worry about making someone else happy if you want.

    Oh and communicate with your partner… will help so much when they know you’re trying to deal with something. She/he might even be excited about helping you “edge”.

    I’m very lucky to have a partner who is a psychologist and a down right dirty nympho. So I went from PE to ….well still quick or long…..depending on what we WANT. Because lets face it, there’s some extremely hot scenario’s for hard pounding quickies too.


    *did not proof read this as it’s 4am and i’m just too tired.

  19. AJ says:

    I just talked over the phone and they booked me an appointment for tomorrow but after reading all the reviews I guess I’m not going ahead with order. Thanks everyone, for sharing your experience. You saved my money.

  20. Greg says:

    Organisations like the accc are as impotent as the diseases ami suggest they fix. What the accc are not able to do is see the forest for the trees. Ami is clearly a scam no matter how much evasive detail they use to describe their bulshit. Like the word treat ! They are clearly eluding to the premis that their product works. Look at the integrity of their marketing , there is no integrity! It humiliating and intrusive with no regard to make sensitivities . It’s an open slather freedoms to sag what they want no matter who it effects. No consideration that you may be going out with a girl on your first date your both in the car looking at a great evening ahead and that add comes on ! That should be enough to ban them. In sure if they were marketing to women by promoting moisture product at a tins when people go out or are having dinner, by saying , hey do you dry up during sex, take this oral strip and enjoy longer lasting irritation and pain free sex, this will treat your vaginal disfunction. without the itchy dryness! Also if your bleeding it will treat that too! It’s insulting right.

    If you had a product that worked you would’t need insults intimidation and fear mongering tactics. The sooner the accc get to rewrite the laws so they can get these business off the map, even if they appear like they are scamming, the better. The sooner these ami scumbags go out of business the better!

    Oh and by my the way it’s interesting how radio stations allow the adds on in the first place. It just goes to show how money talks regardless of ethics on these radio stations, as they don’t seem to care if half their listening audience are humiliated by these obnoxious adds.

  21. jim_Jassieq says:

    I was offered the same treatment by so-called never seen doctor over the phone. I asked her tell me your Reg No full name she refused then there was a marketing genius who was already pissed of not reaching his sale quota that day he was arrogant and ignorant just wants my Credit card details. then my answer was I am cured. for PE I used spray I donot have any problem with erection but PE and that spray helped me after that first bottle I could only get that amount of time (delayed ejaculation) for 2 other occasions and since then didn’t order any of those sprays.
    but be very careful of AMI
    rather use some spray but careful no oral use condoms

  22. vanclaaude says:

    I must admit I am very surprised seeing so many people, beside myself disappointed with AMI products. I tried to seek some help from them and I attended the appointment. As some of you said: someone so called “a doctor” on the phone asked me a few questions and without any further examination let me have it. The price was shocking: AUD1750 for six months. No samples to try and no money back guarantee. For 12 months supply it was double. I told them to go and screw themselves. They keep pushing me up to the point, where the lady actually started threatening me by saying, that if my conditions remained untreated I would have experienced further complications. I felt save after I got in my car and drove away. I also spoke with some other men who were extremely disappointed with service and products they had purchased from AMI. Desperate and frustrated men are very easy prey for those freaking blood suckers from AMI. What also surprises me is the fact that that subject was never touched by the Current Affair or Today Tonight. I’ve been watching those shows for years and the problem never made it to TV. Another thing is, that we have such great medical help in regards to skin cancer here in Australia, but sexual dysfunctions are not exactly supported by government. Even simple Viagra or Cialis script costs a fortune for only like 4 tablets, because is not subsidised by government or public health insurance. After spending another small fortune, self hypnosis, self guiding books and experimenting with prescription drugs, I eventually managed to learn how to control my issues. I guess I was lucky. But this problem remains for others and creates more and more frustration and depression than ever. It destroys relationships and lives, but for those dumb, money hungry politicians it means nothing. Shame on you!

    • Jim_jassieq says:

      Hypnosis drugs and medications didnt help me
      What im using now just desensitises the penis and lasts way over 35 minutes. AMI couldnt do that but rip you off im spending just a fregment of what AMI cost $7.89 and Ten sprays and im tje Alpha male she’s happy and greatful too. Dont even bother asking AMI I dont know if I can disclose the name of the product here which I am using if I can let me know in my next post I will be disclosing the name and where to buy
      Ciao bela and be safe

  23. Leigh says:

    I’ve used these products ages ago, maybe around 2007. They certainly did work for me then.
    I originally had a nasal spray, but they just irritated my nose. So they sent me it in tablet form. You take one or two a day. Works amazingly well. So well that I got to the point where it would take me a lot to actually orgasm. You could go for an hour easy. I never tell my partners about it, and they just are amazed with how long I could last and most would say that I should be a porn star or that it was the best sex they have ever had.
    I stopped using it though, due to the money and the side effect I found was it can make you a bit constipated on the toilet.
    I’m surprised to see all these negative comments, but they seem to be mostly from skeptics who have never tried it.

    • vanclaaude says:

      Perhaps. But maybe If you had only read more than a few comments here, you would have noticed that most of the people disappointed with the AMI services, actually tried their products. The rest (including myself), the kind you call sceptics, chose not to be taken for a ride. You yourself admitted that it was helping for a while, but you had side effects and costed you a small fortune. But these sceptics also never tried due to the fact, that there was no guarantee that specific would work. I myself, was put off by the way doctor examined me and a pushy lady, who said that she was a nurse, and who tried to sell me a product without any policy, money back guarantee or any back up whatsoever. The fact is, that the AMI is ripping people off, promising wonders and not delivering it. They are crooks who built their wealth on the misery of men who suffered ED. I was lucky enough to solve my problems myself without paying those assholes and without any side effects (or actually with most wanted side effects). The way they perform medical examination is appalling and the cost is enormous. People did not realise that they can have the same, for a fraction of money they spent on the treatment provided by AMI.
      If you up for longer discussion I can prove that what AMI does is actually a scam.

  24. Steve Mac says:

    Hi guys, I’ve had the snip and I struggle to get a good hard rager sometimes. The boys at work claim I have “thrown my dick away”… Will this AMI stuff really work??

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