AMI oral strips and nasal sprays: do they actually work?

If you have been up past your bedtime you have probably been exposed to some television advertisements for Advanced Medical Institute’s (AMI)  nasal sprays and more recently, oral strips. In addition to the commercials, AMI has also been a prolific advertiser through billboards, both the stationary roadside variety and the mobile variety towed through the streets by motor scooters. AMI oral strips do they work?Most use themes such as ‘want longer lasting sex’ or ‘more sex’ and ‘oral strip to last longer making love’. While action has been taken against the company, claiming that the advertising is offensive, I’ve found them only slightly embarressing, especially when confronted with them while in the company of my mother. Many other Australian men may only be concerned with whether the oral strips and nasal spray technologies actually work.

The ubiquity of the advertising provides the first clue in determining the effectiveness of AMI’s products. If the products did work, would they need to advertise them so much? In this age news of a product that really does work can spread very quickly through social media. And in the case of a medical product, wouldn’t it be sold through recommendations from doctors? Or perhaps the intimate nature of the problem AMI is claiming to fix is one which customers are are not comfortable disclosing on social media.

Which leads me to the question of what problem does AMI claim to fix with these oral strips and nasal sprays? Remarkably AMI’s website claims that their oral strip product treats both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, cleverly expanding their target market to include a broad age group of Australian men. Putting this through ‘common sense’ test, you would have to ask if it plausible that their active ingredient would successfully treat a man who suffers from premature ejaculation (possibly caused by too much excitement, responsiveness and sensitivity) as well as erectile dysfunction (possibly caused by a lack of responsiveness and sensitivity)? While acknowledging that there are multiple, varied and complex causes of both issues, it seems unlikely to me that the one product could improve conditions that are at the opposite ends of the spectrum of male sexual performance.

Another thing to note from their website is that there are no claims of ‘fixing’ or ‘curing’ either of these conditions, only the ‘treatment’ of the conditions – a more ambiguous term that I’m sure was carefully chosen to help protect them from ACCC scrutiny.

Another question to ask is whether they they trying to fix a problem that doesn’t actually exist. Medical history is filled with examples of the medical world creating a problem in the minds of patients and then selling the ‘remedy’. Is this just another example? While there is an argument that erectile dysfunction is largely a natural part of the natural aging process, it is understandable that many men may want some help to retain their youthful virility. So perhaps addressing this issue is validly meeting a pre-existing market, even though blood thinning drugs such as Viagra would seem to have an established track record. But with regards to premature ejaculation, why would finishing in a timely manner be bad from an evolutionary standpoint? Could it perhaps be an advantage by giving you the opportunity and energy to procreate more frequently, with more partners?

AMI’s advertising relies on making men feel inadequate, by showing the disappointment from female partners who are supposedly left unsatisfied from their partner finishing ‘too early’. From my experience, most women need manual stimulation to finish off anyway, so except in severe cases, lasting longer is not necessarily an advantage. I am yet to meet or or even hear of a woman who enjoys endless banging away.

I can’t find any evidence to suggest that AMI’s oral strip actually works in successfully treating any of the real or ‘created’ issues it claims to treat. In fairness to the company, I also haven’t found any evidence that it doesn’t work, apart from my own suspicions and looking at their products with a common sense perspetive. My personal conclusion is that the best approach it to satisfy your partner with what you have, using any mutually loving methods you can think of, rather than allowing a company such as AMI to artificially create insecurities in your own mind.

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15 thoughts on “AMI oral strips and nasal sprays: do they actually work?

  1. tony says:

    Hello, Mi name is Tony. I bought the Oral Strips due a PE problem and it did not work at all. It is a total scam. They play with the fact that PE is a problem most men will not discuss with anybody which makes it really difficult to overcome. AMI offers a “solution” to this problem with a product that has multiple side effects (headaches, hangover sensation, horrible taste in the mouth) and the fact that it makes you plan the sexual encounter with your partner to the point that you have to take the medicine 30 minutes before (which, in my case, never worked as me and my parkner dont really plan on having sex, it just happens when we both feel like). To summarize, I bought the product and got told there was a refund policy and when talked them back to claim it the operator laught on the phone about that “non-exiting” refund policy. Please, if this is going to be read by ay men, DONT BUY THE ORAL STRIPS, THEY DO NOT WORK. PE can be treated by a phsyology because, most of the time, its a non-existing problem which gets worse as ine thinks it cant be solved. I can I am overcoming the PE problem by meditation, exercising, good comunication with my girlfriend and a bit of patience.

    • stanley sirgutz says:

      thanks for feedback,i have shoe boxes filled with products that did not work,fat burners,energy boosters libido enhancers etc,lots of dangerous caffeine

  2. Jane says:

    I did research and found they have no problems breaking laws in Australia. Why would we want them here in America? This also leads one to believe their products aren’t witty the time it took too watch the commercial. Thank you Tony for speaking out. Men not talking about leaves con artists out there ripping off the already down and out. My husband will never try this after what I have seen on the web.

  3. Not a happy Woman says:

    I resent your comment about womeb have to finish themselves off! The only way I can get off is from penetration, either fingers or, yes, a good, hard pounding. For goodness sakes.

    • 50 Shades of Disappointment says:

      Amen! I’m one of those women that enjoy long lasting sex and a “good pounding”. But my husband suffers from PE we’ll find something but I definitely won’t try this product after reading the reviews.

  4. Sexless and Happy says:

    I just a woman who wants noting to do with sex period and only puts up with it so my hubby of 26 yrs will quick nagging me for it. I had a medical procedure go wrong and it totally wipe out my sex drive. My hubby suffers from high blood pressure and now suffers from ED. I have tried products to try to help my issue at his request, but I am not asking him get the help. He just feels like if he reformed better maybe I would be more interested. He ask me to look at this product and I glad for the reviews about it did not work. So now he will not waste money on buying it.

  5. JustEnjoy says:

    Scientifically, PE is the normal phenomenon not the other way around. If you do come late that means you have issues, that is my doctorate knowledge. But industry for the sake of money has made this dirty joke in the society. Agree with meditation, better food, no strong mints and good communication helps both enjoy those moments, regardless of duration.

  6. Mark says:

    I personally suffer from performance anxiety which is related to ED it is all psychological. I went to them and they offered me the spray. The doctor never checked my blood preasure never cheched my penis to see if it was a physical issue or not. Just spoke to me, wrote a script then took me into the buying room. A lady them showed me plans and it is a long term contract over 3years worth $1000 plus. They then bill you and take money off you every month. However you must remember to call and place your order each month or not get the product. I tried to cancel and had a finace guy try to make me pay it all out. After 2 months I paid a small $250 amount to get out. I still did not see any extra product for the money.

    And did it work? Nope not for me. Tried for 3 months nothing improved – just a horrible nose spray.

  7. GR8 CREW says:

    ABSOLUTLY TRUE!!! If the nasal spray works, with today’s social medias, the result will sprayed like fire, AMI doesn’t have to spend lots of money to advertise their products and also charge a large sum of money upfront for their products, I wasted $1300 paid upfront for a 6 months treatment, headache, bleed nose, dry throat, bad taste in mouth, that’s all I got from the spray, when I demand for a refund, they make it so difficult and have a lot of excuses plus put me on hold over the phone for long time, finally I just gave up, after about 8 month, they call me to offer me a new product and they have a new management now, their offer will cost me $800 due to I was a previous customer, well , I ask him to send me a small amount of sample for me to try, if it works , I will pay the $800 hahah guess what, No sample, No response, No phone call……..
    Please don’t waste your money for AMI products, just take a minute to think about it, if the spray works, there will be a very high demand for the medication, the customers have to wait in lineand pay for the medication, they don’t need to charge you a large amount of money to lock you in to their contract, I already wasted $1300, hope my comments here will make you think twice before forking out your hard earned CASH!!!

  8. Fred says:

    Well I want to thank you for letting me know ahead of time..I’m sure that I do not want to spend my money..once again thank sounds to good to be truth..

    Guys if you really want to have good sex go see your doctor to proscribed you ciales 36 hour pill it is great..

    Ciales try it ..I’m a user..

  9. John Stanton says:

    Just saw the commercial and was ready to order the AMI product when I came across the reviews, I want to thank each of you for enlightening me about this product scam

  10. John says:

    I have just come off the phone to some pushy sales guy from god knows where. I had a chat with a non english speaking so called doctor or should I say I listened to a woman reading some pre written blurb. When I told him that I wanted to speak to my long term wife he got all pushy and short with me, I told him to call me after the weekend, his reply was “Ill tell you what if you are interested you call us” then he hung up on me.
    Thank god I never went ahead with it, I like to research these things, glad I did and Thanks for your comments, the stress of wasting all that money on top of the PE is not conducive of a great sex life!!!

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