Doubts cast on Aussie tradie’s story of being bitten on the penis by a spider for a second time

Spider penis fetish

A spider fetish, perhaps?

While the mainstream media and online news sites were lapping up the story back in April of a Sydney tradie who was supposedly bitten on the penis by a redback spider, many of us were skeptical.

And then, when he claimed it happened again in September, in “pretty much the same spot”, our ‘bull-dust meter’ went off the scale.

Let’s first go back to the first incident on 27 April this year, and scrutinize some of his claims – many of which were taken from the transcript from this interview with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O from radio station KIIS 1065.

  1. He felt immediate, intense pain.
    This reaction is rare. When speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald on redback spider bites Julian White, Head of Women’s and Children’s hospital toxinology department says “The initial bite may only cause mild discomfort or irritation, and sometimes is not even noticed. Pain usually increases over an hour or two and may radiate up the limb.”
  2. He was advised by emergency call operators to apply pressure.
    While this makes for a funny story of ‘Jordan’ having to stay at the site with his hands down his pants, this is not the advice that paramedics and emergency call centre workers are trained to provide. In fact the commonly accepted advice is to NOT use the pressure immobilisation technique, but to apply an ice pack or cold compress.
  3. He called for an ambulance, and when it didn’t show after one hour he got a ride with his girlfriend.
    So where was the appointed first aid person on the building site? Why couldn’t they, or another worker on site have driven him to hospital? It is not usually a recommended course of action to go to hospital via ambulance for a redback spider bite, except when the bite victim is a child, pregnant woman or elderly person.

Despite the above, it is still plausible that someone could be bitten on the genitals, especially in an outdoor toilet, as this one was. In years gone by this was a more frequent occurrence with many toilets located outside.

But then, when he claimed it happened again, it wasn’t just the writers here at Aussie Penis who were suspicious.

A few theories were bandied around over at Reddit, with our favourites as follows:

User DratThePopulation wrote:

“Second time? This guy gets off on having dangerous insects on his junk. It’s a fetish, I guarantee it.” (Read the full thread here.)

But we think user bluepooner25 may have been onto something when they wrote:

“Dr. Drew used to get people calling in on his radio show Loveline with Dr Drew and every couple of months some person would call in and say they had a spider bite on there penis. Every single instance it turned out to be an STD. I’m suspicious of this guys story, especially because he says the bite occurred on the exact same spot.” (Read the full thread here.)

Even shock jock Kyle Sandilands had this idea in mind when he suggested, albeit jokingly, that Jarrod had fabricated the story in an attempt to hide an STD from his girlfriend. Jarrod’s response to this was drowned out by laughter and other comments.

While we may never know what really happened, the bigger question to come out  of this is why would someone go to the media to tell the world about this embarrassing situation…twice?

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