Average penis size world map – how does your country compare?

Do you want to know the average penis size for your country, and how this compares to other countries around the world? Check out our heat map below of average penis sizes from around the world, containing only independently measured and published penis lengths and girths.

While we’ve written about the average Australian penis size before, we created the average penis size world map to easily show, at a glance, how we stack up against other countries. There are existing maps on other sites (see links below), but some of them need flash installed. In addition, some of the sizes quoted are based on unreliable, often self-measured statistics.

So we present here our own worldwide map of well researched, independently verified average penis sizes by country.

Average penis size world map

Penis Size Map Legend

The heat map colour scale represents the erect penis length. Hover over the country to see the average length and girth, in both centimetres and inches.  Click to view the verified and published sources of the data.

If a country is in black it means we are yet to find an independently measured source. We will update the map with new data as it becomes available.

If you wish to view penis size data for all countries, another popular world-wide penis size map can be found here. Note that the data for many of the countries is questionable.

Here at Aussie Penis we are pleased to see that in our own penis size map we Australians are bigger than our rivals across ‘the ditch’ in New Zealand.

How does your country compare?

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  2. Tabitha Winford says:

    I am from Thailand. I always thought Thai men had small penises. Now I know they are small hahaha. My country has the smallest penises in the world Hahaha

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