The idea of attaching a device to your penis may sound a little weird for those unfamiliar with the idea, but there are a growing number of men around the world, including Australians, who are doing so.

There are two main reasons devices are used, and once you understand these reasons the idea seems a little less weird. The first reason, which is probably no surprise, is for penis enlargement. The second and less obvious reason is for foreskin restoration.

We get many requests here at Aussie Penis for information on the various penis enlargement and foreskin restoration devices, so have provided below some information of the top two devices in each category, including our own review of the DTR device. We will endeavor to acquire some of the enhancement products soon so that we can also offer an unbiased review. The devices are broken down into the two categories of penis enlargement and foreskin restoration below.

Penis Enlargement Devices

Even though most men fall within the normal range of average penis size, there will always be a perception from many men that they could do with a bit more. And of course there is the rare medical exception where some men do need some extra length to have a fully functional penis.

Throughout the ages various merchants and (literally) snake oil salesmen have tried to exploit this desire or need for a larger penis, but here has never been any solid evidence that any of these oils, pills or potions actually work.

As we discussed in our post ‘Top eight tips for making your penis larger (or at least how to not make it any smaller)‘,┬áin more recent history there have been a couple of devices introduced to the market that have some sort of scientific basis for how they can work. The two devices we featured there were the SizeGenetics system, which uses traction or tension to induce growth and Penomet, which uses a vacuum to engorge the blood vessels in the penis to encourage growth.

More details about these and other similar devices will be added here shortly.

Foreskin Restoration Devices

These types of devices are for those men who are not happy with their circumcised status and wish to regrow part of what what taken by the procedure.

The two leading products on the market are the DTR and the TLC-X. Both work on the concept of applying tension to the skin to invoke skin growth (a process called ‘mitosis’). The devices are attached, without the need for tape, to the foreskin remnants with the tension then applied with either weights, straps or screw/springs within the devices.

There are many other foreskin restoration devices on the market but these are the two that have been around the longest and have the best track record for getting results for users.

I have personally used the DTR and can highly recommend it. Delivery to Australia was prompt despite ordering it just before Christmas. It was delivered in a package small enough to fit into my small letterbox in discreet packaging. Upon opening it I could immediately tell it was of high quality, and had no trouble attaching it after viewing a video on the DTR website. I should add though that there is a big difference between attaching the device and attaching it well, and it has been a long learning curve to understanding the nuances of attaching it in such a way as to get the optimal growth for me.

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